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Our Team

We are proud to have the most experienced staff in the country across many of our specialties. With low staff turnover, and many of our key people having more than two decades with the company - our teams have developed a refined workflow that translates directly into the quality of the work and the speed of turnaround. We would like to introduce you to some of the people who help make Hope Aero the company it is.

Joel Chlan, President - Chief Executive Officer

Joel Chlan is responsible for the overall growth and expansion of Hope Aero’s business relationships. In June of 2017, Joel assumed the position of Vice-President at Hope Aero. He has a strong background in manufacturing and experience in the business field. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Hon. B.A.

Catherine Dunn, BMath, MCS, Chief Financial Officer

Cathy has been involved with the company business her whole life off and on. Helping to count inventory was an annual occurrence. Summers were spent in both the shop and the office assisting where needed. 

After completing her BMath, Cathy created a stand-alone computer program to monitor work flow in the shop. The system generated work orders, technical records and other reports to help track work in progress. Her knowledge and understanding of the business enabled her to write software suited to the needs of Hope Aero.

In 1994, Cathy returned to Hope Aero permanently and began working in Stores. In 1998, she moved to Accounts Payable and in 2000 became the Office Manager as well.

In preparation of Y2K, Cathy amalgamated her work order program with accounting, shipping, purchasing and inventory modules enabling Hope Aero to track customer information in one computer system.

As Hope Aero grew, Cathy took on more of the financial responsibility until she was given the title of CFO in 2011.

When it was decided that Hope Aero would benefit from a move to a purchased computer program, she oversaw the migration to Quantum Control.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Cathy became the acting-CEO in April 2016 and held the position until the end of that year.

Outside of work, she enjoys photography, travelling and gardening.

David Hope, Vice President Technical Services

David Hope has been working with Hope Aero full time since 2012 in various roles. David has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and has ample experience in customer service and computer support.

Gabriel Marcucci, Person Responsible for Maintenance

Gabriel Marcucci has been in aviation since 1968, he has brought his extensive experience and expertise to Hope Aero in 2010, as our Quality Manager. He has subsequently taken on additional duties and responsibilities as the Person Responsible for Maintenance (PRM) for our TCCA approved AMO as of June 2016. While employed at many airlines, he has a proven ability to solve technical problems and develop training programs that build teamwork and keep standards high. Gabriel served as president of the Ontario Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Association, assisted in the formation of the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council and served on many Transport Canada CARAC committees. He has received industry recognition by receipt of the following awards, Clare Leavens, Robert McCombie and the Roland Groome.

Jasper Megelink, Production Manager Propellers

Jasper Megelink has over 40 year experience in aviation, he has been with Hope Aero since 1979. He is certified in non-destructive testing, he is MPI Level II and LPI Level II certified. Jasper volunteers with the AME Association of Ontario supporting the aviation community. Jasper is also a pilot and flies his Cessna 172.

Chris Howick, Production Manager Wheels & Brakes

Chris Howick joined Hope Aero as a Technician in 1994. In his current role, he is responsible to lead, manage and oversee Hope Aero’s overall production of wheels, brakes and non-destructive testing. His vast experience is instrumental in Hope Aero’s growth and high standards of safety and production. With 23 years of experience in the aviation industry, he holds certifications for the Canadian Government Standards Board Non-Destructive Testing for:
•    Magnetic Particle Inspection Level 2
•    Liquid Penetrant Inspection Level 2
•    Eddy Current Level 2

Lynda Hannam, Supply Chain Manager

Lynda Hannam has been active in aviation supply chain systems for over 40 years, holding diverse experience in purchasing, sales and inventory control. Starting work at Hope Aero over four years ago, she is responsible for managing supply chain staff and ensuring organization regulations are followed to Transport Canada (TC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards.

Craig Grant, Quality Assurance Manager

Craig Grant is the Quality Assurance Manager, responsible for implementing the Quality Assurance Program and ensuring Hope Aero is compliant with the Canadian Aviation Regulations. In the aviation industry since 1987, he began as an apprentice under Gabriel Marcucci. Craig spent the first 11 years in regional airline maintenance, did three years in the aircraft manufacturing sector and has been in maintenance, repair and overhaul quality for the last 15 years. He holds a Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License M1 & M2, and FAA A&P License.

Terry Hope, Vice President - Health and Safety

As Accountable Executive, President and Chief Executive Officer at Hope Aero, Terry is involved with compliance with regulations and discharging Hope Aero’s Aircraft Maintenance Organization responsibilities. Terry also provides input into strategic planning, business policy and overseeing Human Resources. Terry holds an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License and is certified in non-destructive testing. Terry has over 40 years’ experience in aircraft component maintenance.

Brandon Davison, Sales & Support Representative

Brandon has been working at Hope Aero since November 2015.  In his time at Hope Aero, Brandon has been able to build and gain experience throughout the company, by working in each major department.  In preparation of Dana Ladd’s retirement, Brandon worked alongside Dana on the Chadwick-Honeywell (Zing) product line. Now that Dana has retired. Brandon has taken on the role of Sales & Support Representative and is now solely responsible for the Chadwick-Honeywell product line.